The University of Texas at Austin Libraries maintain electronic versions of all dissertations (from 2001 to present) and theses (2010 to present). FSEL theses and dissertations published before those dates can be found below.

Additionally, many FSEL research reports are available through the Center for Transportation Research.

G. Mitchell, M. Tolnai, V. Gokani, R. Picón, S. Yang, R. E. Klingner, E. B. Williamson

Design of Retrofit Vehicular Barriers Using Mechanical Anchors


Sungjin Bae, Oguzhan Bayrak, James O. Jirsa, and Richard E. Klingner

Anchor Bolt Behavior in ASR/DEF-Damaged Drilled Shafts


Eric Schell, Liang Yu, and Karl H. Frank

Investigation of the Vibrations on Overhead Sign Bridges on US290/SH71


Francisco J. Brenes, Sharon L. Wood, and Michael E. Kreger

Anchorage Requirements for Grouted Vertical-Duct Connectors in Precast Bent Cap Systems


Christin J. Coselli, Elizabeth M. Griffith, Jeremy L. Ryan, Oguzhan Bayrak, James O. Jirsa, John E. Breen, and Richard E. Klingner

Bridge Slab Behavior at Expansion Joints


H.S. Karpate, D.P. Whitney, J.O. Jirsa, D.W. Fowler, and H.G. Wheat

Performance of Fiber Composite Wrapped Columns and Beams in a Corrosive Environment


Michael D. Brown, Cameron L. Sankovich, Oguzhan Bayrak, James O. Jirsa, John E. Breen, Sharon L. Wood

Design for Shear in Reinforced Concrete Using Strut-and-Tie Models