headshot of Eric B. WilliamsonWelcome to the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. Our students, faculty and staff work together on research for a broad range of civil engineering infrastructure. Our laboratory is well equipped and staffed to undertake complex large-scale structural testing, materials testing, nondestructive evaluation, and advanced computational simulations.

The Ferguson Structural Engineering laboratory has a long history of world-class research with a major impact on professional practice, codes, and standards for the design of buildings, bridges, offshore structures, large-scale industrial facilities, and many other types of structures. Many of our graduate students have gone on to become leaders of the profession. We are proud of our rich history, our exceptional students, faculty and staff, and our highly accomplished alumni. At the same time, we look to the future with a vibrant, active, and ever changing laboratory that is educating the next generation of engineers and addressing the critical and complex research challenges of our times.

Eric B. Williamson
Interim Director, Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory