The University of Texas at Austin Libraries maintain electronic versions of all dissertations (from 2001 to present) and theses (2010 to present). FSEL theses and dissertations published before those dates can be found below.

Additionally, many FSEL research reports are available through the Center for Transportation Research.

Justin D. Brown, David J. Lubitz, Yavor C. Cekov, Karl H. Frank, and Peter B. Keating

Evaluation of Influence of Hole Making Upon the Performance of Structural Steel Plates and Connections


Gunup Kwon, Brent Hungerford, Hulya Kayir, Brad Schaap, Young Kyu Ju, Richard Klingner, and Michael Engelhardt

Strengthening Existing Non-Composite Steel Bridge Girders Using Post-Installed Shear Connectors


G. P. Turco, R. M. Salas, A. J. Schokker, J. S. West, M. E. Kreger and J. E. Breen

Durability Evaluation of Post-Tensioned Concrete Beam Specimens after Long-Term Aggressive Exposure Testing


Matthew N. Albert, Lance Manuel, Karl H. Frank, Sharon L. Wood

Field Testing of Cantilevered Traffic Signal Structures under Truck-Induced Gust Loads


Todd Helwig, Joseph Yura, Reagan Herman, Eric Williamson, Dawei Li

Design Guidelines For Steel Trapezoidal Box Girder Systems


H.S. Karpate, D.P. Whitney, J.O. Jirsa, D.W. Fowler, and H.G. Wheat

Performance of Fiber Composite Wrapped Columns and Beams in a Corrosive Environment