Hossein Yousefpour, PhD, UT alumn and current Research Engineer working at FSEL, recently had his research featured as the main article in the PCI Journal.

Hossein Yosefpour's research while working toward a PhD under Dr. Todd Helwig and Dr. Oguzhan Bayrak made the front cover of the PCI Journal for the September-October 2015 issue. His paper, titled "Construction Stresses in the World's First Precast Concrete Network Arch Bridge", spans eighteen pages of the journal and is the feature article.

This paper reports some of the major findings from the instrumentation of the West Seventh Street Bridge in Fort Worth, Texas. This innovative bridge, completed in 2013 as a replacement for a century-old bridge, consists of 12 prestressed, precast concrete network arches. The bridge was instrumented with 224 vibrating-wire gages that were embedded in the arches prior to concrete placement. The gages were monitored during post-tensioning, handling, and transport as well as deck construction. The instrumentation provided data on the stresses induced in the arches, which were used to ensure a safe environment throughout construction. The measurements also provided a means for evaluating the accuracy of stress calculations that were made during design. The results obtained from this study provide a unique insight into the behavior of concrete arches built by an accelerated construction method.

To see a full copy of the paper, please visit http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/ctr-publications/5-5253-03-1.pdf.