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Wei Sun Behavior of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Anchors Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Structures 2014
Guillermo David Huaco Cardenas Procedures To Rehabilitate Extremely Damaged Concrete Members Using Innovative Materials And Devices 2013
Samaras, Vasileios Computation of Vehicular-Induced Vibrations and Long-Term Instrumentation Reliability for Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges 2013
Wang, Haomin Helen Test of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Anchors 2013
Azimov, Umid Controlling Cracking in Precast Prestressed Concrete Panels 2012
Blok, Joel Phillip Stress Monitoring and Sweep Control Studies for Innovative Prestressed Precast Arches 2012
Giannini, Eric Richard Evaluation of Concrete Structures Affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction and Delayed Ettringite Formation 2012
Gomez, Eulalio Fernandez Design Criteria for Strength and Serviceability of Inverted-T Straddle Bent Caps 2012
Hernandez, Jaime F. Quasi-Static Testing of Cantilever Masonry Shear Wall Segments 2012
Langefeld, David Philip Anchorage-Controlled Shear Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders 2012