The University of Texas at Austin Libraries maintain electronic versions of all dissertations (from 2001 to present) and theses (2010 to present). FSEL theses and dissertations published before those dates can be found below.

Additionally, many FSEL research reports are available through the Center for Transportation Research.

K. Bergmeister, J. E. Breen, J. O. Jirsa, and M. E. Kreger

Detailing for Structural Concrete


Rodney J. Pharis and Richard W. Furlong

Limit State Performance of High Strength Reinforced Concrete Columns


K. Z. Kahhaleh, H. Y. Chao, J. O. Jirsa, R. L. Carrasquillo, and H. G. Wheat

Studies on Damage and Corrsion Performance of Fabricated Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement


R. T. Davis, T. T. Tran, J. E. Breen, and K. H. Frank

Reducing Friction Losses in Monolithic and Segmental Bridge Tendons


W. M. Kittleman, R. T. Davis, H. R. Hamilton, K. H. Frank, and J. E. Breen

Evaluation of Agents for Lubrication and Temporary Corrosion Protection of Post-Tensioned Tendons