The University of Texas at Austin Libraries maintain electronic versions of all dissertations (from 2001 to present) and theses (2010 to present). FSEL theses and dissertations published before those dates can be found below.

Additionally, many FSEL research reports are available through the Center for Transportation Research.

Hsin-Yang Chung, Lance Manuel, and Karl H. Frank

Optimal Inspection of Fracture-Critical Steel Trapezoidal Girders


R. M. Salas, A. L. Kotys, J. S. West, J. E. Breen, and M. E. Kreger

Final Evaluation of Corrosion Protection for Bonded Internal Tendons in Precast Segmental Construction


B. V. Tinkey, T. J. Fowler, and R. E. Klingner

Nondestructive Testing of Prestressed Bridge Girders with Distributed Damage


M. A. Memberg, J. A. Yura, E. B. Williamson, and K. H. Frank

A Design Procedure for Intermediate External Diaphragms on Curved Steel Trapezoidal Box Girder Bridges


D. B. Thatcher, J. A. Heffington, R. T. Kolozs, G. S. Sylva III, J. E. Breen, and N. H. Burns

Structural Lightweight Concrete Prestressed Girders and Panels


M. K. Thompson, J. O. Jirsa, J. E. Breen, and R. E. Klingner

Anchorage Behavior of Headed Reinforcement: Literature Review


Benjamin A. Cheplak, Matthew A. Memberg, Karl H. Frank, and Joseph A. Yura

Field Measurements of Diaphragm and Top Lateral Members of Three Trapezoidal Composite Box Girder Bridges