The University of Texas at Austin Libraries maintain electronic versions of all dissertations (from 2001 to present) and theses (2010 to present). FSEL theses and dissertations published before those dates can be found below.

Additionally, many FSEL research reports are available through the Center for Transportation Research.

Mark T. Koenigs, Tamer A. Botros, Dylan Freytag, and Karl H. Frank

Fatigue Strength of Signal Mast Arm Connections


M. K. Thompson, A. L. Ledesma, J. O. Jirsa, J. E. Breen, and R. E. Klingner

Anchorage Behavior of Headed Reinforcement
Part A: Lap Splices
Part B: Design Provisions and Summary


Richard E. Klingner, Michael T. McNerney, and Ilene Busch-Vishniac

Design Guide for Highway Noise Barriers


R. M. Salas, A. L. Kotys, J. S. West, A. J. Schokker, J. E. Breen, and M. E. Kreger

Long-Term Post-Tensioned Beam Exposure Test Specimens: Final Evaluation


Hsin-Yang Chung, Lance Manuel, and Karl H. Frank

Optimal Inspection of Fracture-Critical Steel Trapezoidal Girders


M. K. Thompson, M. J. Young, J. O. Jirsa, J. E. Breen, and R. E. Klingner

Anchorage of Headed Reinforcement in CCT Nodes