Detailing for Structural Concrete

K. Bergmeister, J. E. Breen, J. O. Jirsa, and M. E. Kreger


This report is the final report in a series which investigates the applications of strut-and-tie modelling for typical details in structural concrete bridges. It summarizes the state of the art of strut-and-tie modelling andpresents specific recommendations for choosing the critical dimensions and carrying out detailed computations using such strut-and-tie models. Separate sections treat the overall modelling and detailing process, checking compression struts, detailing tension ties, evaluating TfT, CCG, CCT and CITnodes, and incorporating prestressing forces. The report includes a series of examples showing application of strut-and-tie models in detailing deep beams, corbels, anchorage zones, dapped ends, openings, and pretensioned beams. In addition, a number of detailing aids are included in an appendix.

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