State of the Art Externally Post-Tensioned Bridges with Deviators

L. C. Powell, J. E. Breen, and M. E. Kreger


This report is the first in a series outlining a major study of the behavior of post-tensioned concrete box girder bridges with post-tensioning tendons external to the concrete section. It presents an extensive literature review tracing the history and development of the technology connected with the use of external post-tensioning systems for bridges. Many of the references summarized have previously been available only in French or German language versions.

The report summarizes the historical development of external post-tensioning, the advantages and disadvantages of external post-tensioning, and highlights the design and construction details for deviators. It presents the general basis for a detailed investigation of deviator design and briefly describes development of a complex testing rig for external tendon deviator tests.

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