Behavior of Ontario-Type Bridge Decks on Steel Girders

K. H. Kim, J. M. Dominguez, R. E. Klingner, and N. H. Burns


An experimental and analytical investigation was conducted regarding the behavior of reinforced concrete skew bridge decks with Ontario-type reinforcement. A series of parametric studies was also conducted to investigate the effect on bridge performance of some design varaibles which were not studied experimentally.

In the experimental part of the investigation, a full-scale model representing the essential behavior of a full skew bridge was built and tested in the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory of The University of Texas at Austin. Using a finite element analysis program, the skew bridge test specimen was developed to behave like the full skew bridge. The test specimen had details similar to those required by the Ontario Highway Bridge Design Code, modified as recommended by the Texas SDHPT.

Three series of tests were conducted: two at the skew edges, and one at the center. At each test locatoin, the skew bridge specimen was first loaded statically to approximately 60 kips (about 3 times the current AASHTO HS20 truck load, including impact factor). The specimen was then tested to failure at each test location, using monotonically increasing load.

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