Verification of Analysis Programs for Solid and Hollow Concrete Bridge Piers

T. E. Gilliam, Y. Yamamoto, R. W. Poston, and J. E. Breen


In this report the details and results of an experimental investigation of the stiffness and strength of typical solid and hollow cross section reinforced concrete bridge piers is summarized. The piers were subjected to combinations of axial load and biaxial moments typical of bridge pier applications. Stiffness measurements from the current series as well as measured behavior from solid pier tests previously reported in the literature were compared by analytical predictions based on a generalized fiber model used with computer code BIMPHI. In addition force displacement relationships computed using computer codes PIER and FPIER were compared to previously reported test results for a wide variety of columns, beams and frames. The comparisons showed these programs to be accurate, yet conservative, programs for prediction of stiffness, strength and behavior of solid, hollow and multi-cell bridge piers and bents.

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