Experimental Verification of Design Procedures for Shear and Torsion in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

J. A. Ramirez and J. E. Breen


The object of this study is to propose and evaluate a design procedure for shear and torsion in reinforced and prestressed concrete beams, with the aim of clarifying and simplifying current design requirements and AASHTO requirements.

This report summarizes an extensive experimental verification of a powerful three-dimensional space truss model with variable angle of inclination of the diagonal elements. This conceptual model with variable angle of inclination of the diagonal element. This conceptual model was developed by European and Canadian engineers over the past fifteen years. The model is shown to be a conservative comparison with current ACI/AASHTO procedures indicate greatly reduced scatter when comparisons are made to test results. Detailed design procedures and specifications, and example applications are given in the final report in this serires.

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