Measurement-Based Performance Evaluation of a Segmental Concrete Bridge

Rodney T. Davis, M. Keith Thompson, Bryan A. Wood, John E. Breen, and Michael E. Kreger


Construction of around 10 km of the US 183 elevated highway in Austin, Texas, using precast segmental post-tensioned construction provided a unique opportunity to investigate many aspects of segmental bridge technology. The project included balanced cantilever erection, span-by-span erection and some cast-in-place transitions. Some of the piers were also made with precast box sections. A detailed instrumentation study was carried out to determine post-tensioning force losses, thermal gradients and their effects, live load response, behavior of local zones such as diaphragms p-t anchorages and blisters and diffusion of post-tensioning forces, measurement results are presented and evaluated. Recommendations are made for improvement in bridge design specifications and construction practices.

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