Stay-Cable Vibration Monitoring of The Fred Hartman Bridge (Houston, Texas) and The Veterans Memorial Bridge (Port Arthur, Texas)

Delong Zuo and Nicholas P. Jones


This report summarizes the accomplishments of a field investigation project that was conducted in order to understand the mechanisms of wind- and rain-wind-induced stay cable vibrations and to assess the effectiveness of passive viscous dampers and cross-ties in mitigating such vibrations.

The field investigation project was based on two full-scale measurement systems installed on the Fred Hartman Bridge in Houston, Texas and the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Port Arthur, Texas. The systems systematically monitored the vibrations of selected stay cables on these two bridges, as well as the vibrations of the bridge decks and the corresponding meteorological conditions at the bridge sites. The system on the Fred Hartman Bridge started collecting data in October, 1997; the system on the Veterans Memorial Bridge became functioning in January, 1999. Both systems have remained in operation through the present time.

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