Behavior of Tensile Anchors in Concrete Statistical Analysis and Design Recommendations

Shirvani, Mansour


The overall objective of thesis is to evaluate three different procedures for predicting the concrete breakout capacity of tensile anchors under static and dynamic loading, and in uncracked and cracked concrete.

The first phase was to evaluate and add to an existing large data base of tensile anchors. The second phase was to compare the actual test results with the equations of the three predictive methods: the 45-Degree Cone Method; the CC Method; and a “Theoretical Method.”

The third phase was to evaluate each predictive method using Monte Carlo analyses. The evaluation was based on the probability of tensile failure of anchors governed by concrete breakout, using the design framework of ACI 349-90, Appendix B “Steel Embedments.” Based on the results of this evaluation and on other information, procedures are proposed for designing such anchors.

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