Test Method for Evaluation Corrosion Mechanisms in Standard Bridge Columns

Larosche, Carl J.


In recent years there has been a rapid increase in usage of post-tensioned concrete in substructure elements such as bridge piers, pylons, hammerhead bents, straddle bents and other types of unusual applications. These elements, like current substructure elements in Texas, are subject to durability attack. This attack may come from exposure to aggressive environments such as de-icing salts, salt water, and sulfate-rich soils. This study involves defining the status of the current substructure systems employed in Texas and the pertinent variables involved in increasing substructure longevity with post-tensioned elements. An extensive analysis will define durability regions in Texas as these regions apply to substructures. Upon completion of this analysis, a field review was made in regions where extensive corrosive attack on columns is prevalent. This review helped identify the main variables in the corrosion attack on current Texas bridge columns. The main focus of this thesis is to accurately model the Texas bridge columns and develop a suitable test method for determining the effects of the corrosion process on conventional and post-tensioned columns and their connections.

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