Factors Affecting the Design Thickness of Bridge Slabs

Graddy, John C.


An analytical and experimental investigation into the punching shear fatigue behavior of bridge decks, including the effects of arching action, is discussed. The experimental investigation included static and pulsating fatigue tests on cast-in-place and precast prestressed panel specimens. Failure modes, loads, and test specimen behaviors observed during the experimental tests are discussed and compared with analytical predictions. Finite element models of a full-scale bridge and for test specimens were developed. Those models are discussed, and the analytical results obtained from them are compared with the experimental test results. A method of including the effects of membrane compression in punching shear capacity calculations that gives reasonable agreement with experimental test results is proposed. S-N curves suitable for pulsating and rolling fatigue design and assessment purposes were developed and are included. Recommendations for further research into the punching shear fatigue behavior and flexural capacity of bridge decks are also included in this thesis

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