Shear Cracking in Inverted-T Straddle Bents

Garber, David Benjamin


Significant diagonal cracking in reinforced concrete inverted-T (IT) straddle bent caps has been reported throughout the State of Texas. Many of the distressed structures were recently constructed and have generally been in service for less than two decades. The unique nature of the problem prompted a closer look into the design and behavior of such structural components. A preliminary investigation highlighted outdated design requirements and a scarcity of experimental investigations pertaining to inverted-T bent caps. This research project (TxDOT Project 0-6416, Shear Cracking in Inverted-T Straddle Bents) aims to improve current understanding of the behavior of inverted-T caps, while providing updated design provisions.

In order to develop strength and serviceability guidelines for inverted-T beams, an extensive experimental program was developed. This series of largescale tests was used to evaluate the strength and serviceability of IT deep beams in relation to the following parameters – shear span-to-depth (a/d) ratio, web reinforcement ratio, ledge height, ledge length, number of point loads, and member depth. This report focuses mainly on results from a first series of tests conducted within this experimental program.

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