Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation

PI: Raissa Ferron
Co-PI: Salvatore Salamone

This project focuses on the cracking of concrete beams observed at most of the large precast plants in Texas in recent years. This cracking appears approximately 18-24 months after fabrication, and researchers and practitioners do not yet clearly understand the exact nature of these cracks. The overarching goal of this project is to use existing cracked beams to predict whether long-term durability issues will develop. The research team will execute a comprehensive program consisting of non-destructive evaluations and core-based tests to determine the effect of the cracks on mechanical properties and durability. The research team will develop a novel method to evaluate the extent to which the cracks contribute to corrosion of pre-stressing strands, and conduct service life modelling to estimate the effect that the cracks have on the service life of the beams.