Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation

PI: Patricia Clayton
Co-PI's: Brady Cox, Wassim Ghannoum, Ellen Rathje, Eric Williamson, Jeffrey Paine, Cliff Frohlich, Jacob Walter

Over the past five years, the number of earthquakes per year in Texas has increased significantly, particularly near the Dallas metropolitan area. This recent increase in Texas seismicity raises concerns over the seismic safety of bridge infrastructure in Texas, which has historically been designed with little, or no consideration of seismic demands.

This project will address these concerns by generating new data to characterize the natural and potentially non-natural seismic hazards in Texas and to predict the levels of ground shaking that may be expected. This project will provide a seismic hazard map of the state to identify areas of greatest risk for earthquakes. The researchers will subject numerical models of bridges capable of simulating damage to a variety of earthquakes representative of those expected in the State of Texas. The researchers will use results from this study to predict the likelihood of seismic damage in various types of bridges and provide TxDOT with recommendations to evaluate its exposure to seismic risk, and of best practices in post-earthquake response. The project will result in tools to inform targeted, immediate post-earthquake inspection of those bridges that are found to be at most risk for damage.