Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation

PI: Michael Engelhardt
Co-PI's: Todd Helwig, Eric Williamson

In this project, a non-composite continuous steel girder bridge in Texas will be strengthened using techniques developed in a recently completed research project. The strengthening approach includes the use of post-installed shear connectors in positive moment regions and the allowance of limited flexural yielding in negative moment regions. This project is intended to demonstrate implementation of a previous TxDOT research project on bridge strengthening using post-installed shear connectors for continuous steel girder bridges. This implementation project will demonstrate the strengthening technique; evaluate potential difficulties in design and construction and suggest solutions; and evaluate structural effectiveness and cost effectiveness of this bridge strengthening technique. This project will include the selection of a non-composite continuous girder bridge in Texas for strengthening; detailed design of the strengthening system; detailed finite element analysis of the un-strengthened and strengthened bridge designs; and field load testing of the un-strengthened bridge to obtain baseline data on the behavior of the existing bridge for later comparison with field load testing data for the strengthened bridge.