STructural Engineering Education Reunion

04 - 05 April 2013


7:00 am  Registration and Continental Breakfast

7:45 am  SESSION ONE: Welcome and Kickoff Presentations

Todd A. Helwig, Associate Professor - FSEL Associate Director
Cockrell School of Engineering

Ronald Cook
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
"How Does That Stand Up?" and Other Questions along the Way

Leo Linbeck III
Linbeck Group, LLC, Houston, TX
Reflections on the Brain, the State, and the Engineer in Society

9:40 am   SESSION TWO: Bridges - Design and Construction

Robert Anderson
URS Corporation, Tampa, FL
Design and Construction of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven, CT - The First Extradosed Bridge in the United States

Jason Varney
Huitt-Zollars, Inc., Dallas, TX
Design Challenges for the Dallas IH-30 Signature Pedestrian Bridges

Ronnie Medlock
High Steel Structures, Inc., Lancaster, PA
Advancing the Steel Bridge State-of-the-Art

Gregg Reese
Summit Engineering Group, Inc., Littleton, CO
Design and Construction of the Bronco Arch Replacement Bridge

11:15 am   SESSION THREE: Forensic Engineering

Lee Lawrence
WJE, Austin, TX
Camber Induced Failure in Prestressed Double Tee Beam Stems

Dylan Freytag
WDP, Austin, TX
Shaving Your Investigation with Occam's Razor

Ryan Chancey
Nelson Architectural Engineers, Inc., Dallas, TX
2011 Tornadoes: Joplin, MO and Alabama

12:15 pm   LUNCH

1:15 pm  SESSION FOUR: Innovations in Structural Engineering

Elie Homsi
Parsons Corporation, Westminster, CO
High Tech Erection Methods Accidents: Causes and Mitigation

Sergio Alcocer
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico
The Role of Codes for Mitigating Earthquake Risk - The Mexican Experience

David Sanders
University of Nevada, Reno, NV
Reducing Bridge Damage from Earthquakes

Christopher Higgins
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
New Methods for Inspection and Evaluation of Steel Gusset Plate Connections

3:00 pm  SESSION FIVE: Graduate Student Presentations

Patricia Clayton, New CAEE Faculty
Pseudo-dynamic Testing of the Self-centering Steel Plate Shear Wall

Anthony Battistini
Investigating the Stability and Fatigue Behavior of Cross Frame Details

Ali Morovat
Buckling of Steel Columns Subjected to Fire: A Time-Dependent Phenomenon

Alissa Neuhausen
Anchor Testing in ASR Concrete

Kostas Belivanis
Expanding the Use of Elastomeric Bearings for Higher Demand Applications

Hossein Yousefpour
Monitoring Stresses in Innovative Precast Concrete Arches

Andy Moore
Shear Performance of Spliced Girders

Michalis Hadjioannou
Composite Floor Slab Contributions in Mitigating Progressive Collapse

Guillermo Huaco
Performance of Damaged Column Retrofitted with Innovate Materials and Devices

Ali Abu Yousef
The UT Passive Sensor: A New Paradigm in Corrosion Detection

Yi-Te Tsai
Air-Coupled NDT Technology for Concrete Structures

Kerry Kreitman, Hemal Patel
Strengthening Steel Bridges with Post-Installed Shear Connectors

José Gallardo
Assessment of Strain-Related Prestress Losses in Concrete Bridge Girders

Nancy Larson
Shear Testing of Inverted-T Beams

Vasilis Samaras
Wireless Monitoring of Bridges

6:00 pm   FSEL Open House (Lab tours, poster presentations, BBQ, celebration)


7:00 am  Continental Breakfast

8:00 am  SESSION SIX: Opening and Forum

Sharon Wood, Chair
Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

In the past twenty years, the engineering profession has seen a rapid increase in the development of technology that engineers have used to improve their productivity. With today's computers and engineering software, engineers can model and analyze more complex structures. With more advanced analyses, the boundaries of the engineering profession are being pushed further than ever before. In addition, an increased awareness for the environmental impact of structures, as well as improved building materials, has led to new design and construction techniques.

Larry Griffis
Walter P. Moore, Austin TX

Randy Poston
WDP, Austin, TX

Michael Brack
Datum Engineers, Inc., Austin, TX

James O. Jirsa
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

9:30 am SESSION SEVEN: Big Projects

Dave Platten
Walter P. Moore, Austin, TX
COTA - Formula 1 Race Track

Ahmad K. Abdelrazaq
Samsung C&T Corp., Seoul, South Korea
Design and Construction Planning of 151 Inchon Tower

Dan Stoppenhagen
Fluor Enterprise, Inc., Austin, TX
The Challenge and Future of Big Projects: Innovative Financing and Public Private Partnerships

11:00 am  SESSION EIGHT: Breadth of Engineering

Geoff Mitchell
Sole Proprietor - Professional Engineer, Austin, TX
Calcs and Welding Hoods - My Path to Backyard Engineering

Gregory Cohen
US Department of State, Washington D.C.
Exporting Engineering: A Look at Work in the US Foreign Service

Kris Hahn
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Memphis, TN
Using RAM Modeling to Determine Lowest Life Cycle Costs While Still Meeting Reliability Goals

12:00 pm   LUNCH

1:15 pm  SESSION NINE: RICH Experiences

Robert Thomas
National Concrete Masonry Association, Washington D.C.
An Evolution of Masonry Design

Jennifer Tanner
University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
Development of a Masonry Laboratory Website at the University of Wyoming

Richard Klingner
An Engineer's Obligation: Planting Trees that Others Will Sit Under